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The Alpha Players are pleased to announce non-equity auditions for their production of Into the Woods. 


WHEN:   Sunday, June 18, 2017 by appointment beginning at 1pm.  (There will be a few limited times available on Monday, June 19th between 5:30 and 6:30pm.)


WHERE:   Florissant Civic Center Theatre, 1 James J Eagan Dr., Florissant MO 63033

(For directions visit: and click on theatre.)


CALLBACKS:  Monday, June 19th at 7pm at the Florissant Civic Center Theatre   


Auditions will be by appointment. The appointment time will be based on the role(s) of interest.   

Those wishing to audition should send an email indicating their name, phone number, roles of interest and their age (if under 21) to email address: BEFORE June 18thThey will be sent an audition form, an audition time and additional information regarding music.   An accompanist will be provided.  A cappella auditions and use of a CD will not be permitted.


Those auditioning should bring a photo and the completed audition form.  (The photo need not be a professional head shot.) 


Those auditioning will be asked to prepare 16-24 bars of music from Into the Woods.


Performances will be October 6, 7, 13, & 14 at 7:30pm and October 15 at 2pm at the Florissant Civic Center Theatre.  The rehearsal schedule will depend upon the availability of the cast but will most likely consist of Sunday afternoons/evenings and two week nights. Rehearsals are scheduled to begin approximately July 24th. Not all cast members will be called to all rehearsals. No conflicts will be allowed from October 1 through October 7 and October 12 through October 15th.  Actors must be available for all performances.  


For the most current and complete information, check out the Alpha Players Facebook page. 

Questions may be sent to:

SHOW SYNOPSIS:  The story follows the Baker and his wife, who wish to have a child; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King’s festival’ and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk.  When the Baker and his wife learn that they cannot have a child because of a Witch’s curse, the two set off on a journey into the woods to break the curse.  Everyone’s wish is granted but the consequences of their actions return to haunt them later with unexpected results.






NOTE :  Ages are only guidelines.  We are going to be open minded on age if the person is right for the role.


Narrator  -An intellectual and pleasant story-teller who helps to orchestrate the show and illustrate lessons to the audience. Gender: male Vocal range top: E4. Vocal range bottom: G2.


Cinderella - A young, earnest maiden who is constantly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters.

Gender: female Age: 20 to 35.  Vocal range top: G5.  Vocal range bottom: G3.


Jack  - The feckless Giant killer who is 'almost a man.' He is adventurous, naive, energetic, and bright-eyed.

Gender: male. Age: 15 to 27. Vocal range top: G4.  Vocal range bottom: B2.


Jack's Mother  - Browbeating and weary, Jack's protective mother who is independent, bold, and strong-willed.  Gender: female. Age: 45 to 65. Vocal range top: Gb5. Vocal range bottom: Bb3.


The Baker  - A harried and insecure baker who is simple and loving, yet protective of his family. He wants his wife to be happy and is willing to do anything to ensure her happiness but refuses to let others fight his battles.

Gender: male.  Age: 30 to 45.  Vocal range top: G4.  Vocal range bottom: Ab2.


The Baker's Wife  - Determined and bright woman who wishes to be a mother. She leads a simple, yet satisfying life and is very low-maintenance yet proactive in her endeavors.  Gender: female.  Age: 30 to 45.

Vocal range top: G5.  Vocal range bottom: F3.


Cinderella's Stepmother - The mean-spirited, demanding stepmother of Cinderella. Gender: female. Age: 40 to 55.  Vocal range top: F#5.  Vocal range bottom: A3.


Florinda And Lucinda  - Cinderella's stepsisters who are black of heart. They follow in their mother's footsteps of abusing Cinderella. Gender: female. Age: 20 to 35. Vocal range top: Ab5.

Vocal range bottom: C4.


Little Red Ridinghood  - A spoiled young girl who is strong-willed, quick-witted, fearless, yet youthful and naive. Gender: female.  Age: 15 to 20.  Vocal range top: F5. Vocal range bottom: Bb3.


The Witch  - Sarcastic, ugly-then-gorgeous, obsessive protector of Rapunzel who is straightforward and aggressive.  Gender: female. Age: 40 to 55. Vocal range top: G5. Vocal range bottom: F3.


Cinderella's Mother  - Deceased with her soul guarding and aiding her daughter from a tree. Gender: female

Age: 40 to 55.  Vocal range top: F4. Vocal range bottom: E4.


Mysterious Man  - A mischievous vagrant and nosy meddler. He is a good-natured protector and observer.

Gender: male.  Age: 50 to 65.  Vocal range top: Eb4.  Vocal range bottom: G2.


Wolf  - Hungry and insatiable hunter who takes advantage of the weak by misleading and captivating his prey.

Gender: male.  Age: 30 to 45. Vocal range top: Gb4. Vocal range bottom: Bb2.


Rapunzel  - A loopy-but-lovely maiden who is sheltered by the Witch and terribly lonely. She yearns to experience the world. Gender: female. Age: 20 to 30. Vocal range top: A5. Vocal range bottom: B3.


Cinderella's Prince  - Vain and gorgeous, he is a disloyal lover who is currently searching for the next new, exciting thing. Gender: male.  Age: 25 to 40.  Vocal range top: F4.  Vocal range bottom: B2.


Rapunzel's Prince  -Just as vain and gorgeous as his Prince brother, he is always chasing the newest, most exiting endeavor.  Gender: male.  Age: 25 to 40.  Vocal range top: E4.  Vocal range bottom: C#3.


Giant  - Voiceover. The Giant's wife is an angry and vengeful 'monster.' She is seeking restitution for her loss.

Gender: female.   Age: 40 to 65.